J.Th. (Joep) Leerssen

One of my main areas of research is that of imagology, the critical analysis, theory and history of national and cross-cultural stereotypes. I came to imagology in the 1970s as a student at Hugo Dyserinck's department of Comparative Literature at the university of Aachen - one of the few high-profile places at the time where this specialism was being pursued. Imagology is now once again a thriving area of research. I maintain a website giving explanations and research tools, which you can reach by clicking this link. Some key publications follow below.


2011 Spiegelpaleis Europa: Europese cultuur als mythe en beeldvorming (Nijmegen: Vantilt); 2nd ed. 2011. Longlisted for the Socrates Wisselbeker 2012 and shortlisted for the Jan Hanlo Essayprijs 2013.

edited collections

1991 (with Raymond Corbey) Alterity, Identity, Image. Selves and Others in Society and Scholarship, (Amsterdam: Rodopi), 269 pp.

1994 (with Menno Spiering) German Reflections (Amsterdam: Rodopi), vii + 245 pp (Yearbook of European Studies, 7)

2007 (with Manfred Beller) Imagology: The Cultural Construction and Literary Representation of National Characters - A Critical Survey (Amsterdam: Rodopi), xvi + 476 pp (Studia imagologica, 13)

2009 (with A.J. Hoenselaars) The rhetoric of national character. Theme issue of the European journal of English studies, 13.3.

editor (with Hugo Dyserinck) of the series Studia Imagologica (Amsterdam: Rodopi)


Interactive, searchable bibliography on the Images website


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